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cloud projects is a maker and publisher of critical, intimate, and beautiful books. based in Kuala Lumpur, but with an eye toward Southeast Asia, we work at the intersection of art, architecture, and history. through rigorous research and inventive design, we excavate knowledge networks and forge worlds of possibility.

our first book, Banned in KL, Astro Boy Rides the Great Wave to Sky Kingdom is a collaboration with Malaysia Design Archive. if you’re in malaysia, buy it on shopee here. if you’re not, drop us an email and we’ll figure it out. we believe in pirating our own books - here is the pdf. buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it.

our second project,, is live. it reimagines the possibilities and potentialities of wawasan 2020, a national vision declared in 1991, to make disciplinary and formal agendas anew. we ride the tide of the wawasan dream.

our third project, All the Lands Within the Seas, was on show at The Back Room in the zhongshan building, kuala lumpur from 16 October - 14 November 2021. featuring historical prints and original works by Amanda Gayle and Bam Hizal, it is a visual history of maritime melaka. read our (extensive) brochure in BM and English and browse through pictures here. you can also watch our virtual tour. order the accompanying narrative storytelling card game.

we are always on the lookout for new writers, artists, designers, collaborators. many of our projects have developed from undergraduate theses, spun from long forgotten manuscripts, or hashed out under the glowing flouresence of a late night mamak sesh. if you've seen some of our previous work and have an idea for a book project, reach out to us via email.

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